Jazz is the conversation

The cavalcade of change we experience is everywhere.  We each learn to deal with it in our own way.  It's true that if you get lemons you can make lemonade - but seriously how much lemonade do we have to make?  Inner strength is needed and we each find it in our own way.  I choose to find it by working at my singing.  The constant daily practice is focus for me, my meditation if you like, the breathing the feeling. Why do I do it?   It is imperative to me that my voice can handle the thoughts, ideas and feelings I want to convey.  I must listen to my body to enable my voice to be connected, warmed, relaxed, managed, cajoled, massaged, and ready.  I must be ready to express, exactly what I want to say, in the way I want to say it.  I must be ready to listen feel and understand those around me playing so I can join the conversation.  Jazz is the conversation.

Jazz on a Saturday night

Wow I have just finished my first five week season of – “Jenn Bussanich Hudson Jazz on a Saturday Night” at the Victorian Wine Centre Middle Park.   What a brilliant time I have had.  Each week was sold out and your support has been amazing.  It was lovely connecting with so many of you and I was absolutely thrilled to find you love the hits of The Great American Song Book and the great Jazz standards as much as I do.  The best thing was being able to walk around as I sang sharing sentiments of the songs with you up close and personal!  It was also so wonderful for me to share some of my own story and why I love this music so much and to find out from you, what this music means to you too.    In fact, while my hero performers, Ella Fitzgerald, Peggy Lee, Sarah Vaughan, Chris Connor and Frank Sinatra may never have sung in Middle Park it was thrilling to hear stories from those of you who had experienced these performers,  performing in similarly intimate settings as you and I shared.  In fact I was told by several of you, that I’d created a little New York style supper club right here in Middle Park- well I couldn’t have done it without you!  Rest assured, we’ll do it again very soon and I will definitely keep you posted about where and when the next Jenn Bussanich Hudson Supper Club will be.   Watch out here too I’ll be showing you some more lovely clips from this season soon.


River Studios

Jenn Bussanich Hudson @ River Studios

Loved every minute at Chong Lim’s excellent River Studios putting down six of my favourites: "Desafinado", "Embraceable You", "In The Still Of The Night", "You Came A Long Way From St Louis", "There Ain’t No Sweet Man That’s Worth The Salt Of My Tears" and "Where Are You".

My friendly producer Lindsay Field and amazing musicians Craig Newman (Bass), Brett Garsed (Guitar), Angus Burchall (Drums) and Stuart ‘Chet’ Fraser on Guitar really made it a day in a million. Browse the Music list to have a listen to the results.